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Music: screaming guitars, pounding bass, crashing drums. There is nothing like vegging out and just listening to your favorite type of music. Whether it be country, punk, or techno. For me its punk, old and new, its all great. I like anything from flogging molly and Four Letter Words, to the Romones the Clash. In music stuff, you will find links to my favorite bands sites, and other music stuff.
In the first page there are links to my favorite bands sites, all the bands are from different kinds of music.
The second page is just punk and hardcore bands, and links to their sites too. this is the page for punk music. its has ska, pop punk, and some harder stuff.check it out

There is nothing better than siting in a comfortable spot and watching your favorite flick, giving up two hours of your life to become wrapped up in the story of a baseball player, or action hero, or anything. Whether its in the theater, or your own living room, movies are a great past time. In movie stuff, you will find info on my favorite films.
The Dead alive page is a gallery of pics from that most awesome movie, as well as sound clips from the movie. (Check out father McGruter's clip, its the best one. Also, in the horror movie page there is a gallery of monster movie posters, and some info on my favorite movies from the people at Full Moon Pictures. (only the best maker of modern horror movies)
The matrix age is a gallery of awesome pics from the movie, screenshots as well as the advertised movie poster.


5/27/01- so i am sitting home alone doing nothing, and i have decided to do a few improvements. first of all, new picture of some friends of mine added in the friends pics page, also a new link to said friends website. just one more note to anyone who reads this, do not go to the Yorba Linda Evangelical church for a "rock concert" and expect not to get preached to over and over about god, despite the fact you are their for a fundraiser for a blind girl and to listen to the music. catch you guys later.

3/11/01- just a little note from the man who runs things. tonight i added a link to the madcap website on my links page, also i added them to the more music page. Plus, as if that wasn't enough, i added a picture of myself (well the back of my head anyway) at an actual madcap show. that can be found in the friends pics page. check all this stuff out, check out madcappunx.com, and don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave.

1/13/01- it has been awhile since i have done any updates, but this morning, i got on and worked on the friends pics. (check out the new ones of myself, my parents, and my sister charlotte). Also, i did a little work on the text for each page. Along with that i updated the links page, got rid of a few and added others. All in all, the site is looking better that ever, and i hope you feel the same way.

1/14/00- today i changed the pics on the homepage. no longer is it filled with the lovely curves of mrs. mariah carrey, instead i decided on the one eyed calf and mr. rubberface to replace her. also, counters have been placed on each page, as well as the one on the front page reestablished. the guestbok has been fixed, and is now available for you to add your comments. please do.

there is not a home town page anylonger, it was removed to make room for a page people might look at. (the more music page.)

6/19/00- today i added the rose McGowan page, some awesome pics of our favorite actress. well, at least the one we like to look at more than the others.

6/20/00- the more music page was added today, complete with links to my favorite punk and hardcore bands. (check out the slipknot link)

6/23/00- today i worked on the 3d graphics on each page, there will be more coming, but i just did the titles today.

i think that these will be changed once in a while, right now however, i am gonna stick with these two. let me know if you have any interesting pics that you would like to see up in these spots.